6 Top Tips For Wannabe Digital Nomads

9 September 2021

The idea of being a digital nomad is appealing to almost everyone at some point in their lives. It resembles a youthful freedom we can relate to as children.

Luckily, with all the available resources, it’s now easier than ever to become a digital nomad. But how do you make it work? Where do you start?

Below are 6 tips for wannabe digital nomads to help you get started on the right track.

1. Know your skill sets

Finding out what type of work you want to do is the first (and most crucial) step in working from anywhere. Take a good look at your existing skill set. You should have a definitive answer if working abroad from your laptop is even possible.

Discover areas where you can use your skills that are both high in demand and interesting to you. When you are doing your research, pay attention to the jobs and profiles of other freelancers on Upwork.

2. Let go of the “feels like home” feeling

It’s typical for nomads to give up their long term home bases when they live the nomad lifestyle. It’s hard to feel at home when you’re constantly moving from place to place.

Of course, if you’re moving to a new place permanently, you should fully integrate into the local society. In most cases, traveling full-time and feeling at home don’t go hand in hand.

3. Choose locations based on needs, not Instagram

People have varying preferences, and the location you choose will reflect this. Chances are you’ve likely heard of the big three such as Chiang Mai, Thailand, Bali or Medellin, Columbia. They all offer their own unique work/life balance.

Remember, you're picking a place to base yourself, not a vacation spot. Tourism-related advantages are certainly desirable, but your choice shouldn't be influenced solely by travel information.

4. Luxury vs Freedom

Influencers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers require different skills and mindsets.

The beach is always free and makes an epic Insta post to make everyone at home jealous but, it makes for a horrible work station.

Culture, cuisine, and a low cost of living make Chiang Mai, Bali, Colombia and Mexico popular nomad spots. You can still get a meal, drinks, a social life, and your own apartment for under $800 USD a month.

5. Build a routine

Falling into the holiday trap is a classic mistake that many first-time digital nomads make. They usually end up spending the majority of the day surfing, partying, and chilling in exotic locations.

Their wallet is empty, they have no real-world digital nomad experience, and they go back to their home countries. Establishing a routine is the first step toward remote work if you're serious about it. Create a routine at home that you can mirror on the road.

6. Don’t rush to your new destination

You should be trying to spend more time in each location. There’s no rush right? Spending more time in one location allows you to really immerse yourself in the culture.

There are some nomads with more free time than others, but this way will ensure that you have enough time to maintain your business while also providing some much-needed tourist experiences.