All About Doha Family Magazine

20 October 2021

Doha Family Magazine launched back in 2012, becoming the first regularly printed parenting publication in Qatar. Initially a concise lifestyle guide for Qatar-based families, Doha Family Magazine has since developed a solid and distinct editorial voice that is widely known and shared.

Today, over 20,000 print copies of the magazine are distributed in 200 locations across Qatar every quarter. You're likely to find a copy at a school or nursery, clinic, or coffee shop—anywhere families typically congregate. There is also an online version available for readers across the globe on, and everyone is welcome to engage with Doha Family's social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What Topics Does Doha Family Magazine Cover?

Each edition of Doha Family Magazine has a theme that matters to families, and families have a variety of needs and interests. So, several subjects are covered, from parenting and education to wellness and lifestyle, the environment, community initiatives, fun events, and much more.

Who Can Read It?

Despite being primarily geared towards parents and families, the variety of topics in every issue means that there is something for everyone. You don't need to have or plan to have children to engage with any of the content, share your thoughts on it, or even contribute yourself! What matters to you probably matters to Doha Family.

Where to Learn More

The Doha Family Magazine website is a great starting point to get a feel of the latest articles, look at the ads, find local events, and trawl through past issues. If you're looking for something more specific, the Contact Us section is filled with details on how you can get an ad or event up, send feedback, or request to get Doha Family Magazine distributed near you. You can also follow Doha Family's social media channels, and if you're in Qatar, join the Doha Family Community Facebook group. And finally, you can always pick up a print copy.