Good Newzz for emerging businesses & start-ups. Publish your content at ease.

30 August 2021

Newzz ( a recently launch website is attracting a lot of attention from users and businesses. While most of the news websites are filled-up with banner ads, pop-ups, or notifications; Newzz does not have any such features that distract you from reading content. The website also does not request any sign-ups to view its content. It is completely FREE for everyone. They envision becoming a publishing partner for small businesses. Check their website to read UK news headlines today.

Whether you are a start-up or you have an established business, there are the top 3 reasons to publish your content / press release -

  • Gain credibility : Having a story / press release published on any media site will certainly bring credibility and visibility to your business. You can gain trust instantly with your existing or prospective clients.
  • Cost effectiveness : It is very difficult and expensive to reach out to journalists of established media firms if you have a lesser known brand. Another option is to hire a Press Release firm. Many firms do not guarantee a publication.
  • SEO : Last but not the least, having a link on such website will definitely help you boost your efforts for optimizing the search engine.

While they do charge a publishing fee, the benefits certainly outweigh the cost. Newzz is certainly a great platform for businesses looking communicate their message to a wider audience.