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Navigating the World of PR: Insights from Ivanna Kulinich, Head of PR at Jobsora

12 May 2023

Public Relations (PR) is a vibrant field that shapes the narratives and reputations of organizations. One professional who knows this best is Ivanna Kulinich, the Head of PR at Jobsora. We had an opportunity to delve into her experiences in the PR industry, where she offered a wealth of insights and advice.

To Ivanna, PR is more than just managing the image of an organization. "Public Relations is about managing the relationship between an organization and its publics," she explained. "It involves strategically communicating and presenting the organization's story, vision, and accomplishments to the public in a positive and appealing manner."

However, the scope of PR extends beyond simple storytelling. "PR also involves crisis management, media relations, social media management, event coordination, and even internal communication within the company," Ivanna elaborated, painting a picture of a multifaceted discipline that requires a broad range of skills.

In terms of the positive aspects of PR, Ivanna is quick to highlight the dynamic nature of the field. "The PR field is incredibly dynamic and engaging. You get to work on a variety of projects, interact with different people, and even dabble in different industries. Every day brings a new challenge, which keeps the work exciting."

Despite the exciting aspects, PR is not without its challenges. "PR is a 24/7 job. News can break at any time, and crises don't always occur during office hours. As a PR professional, you need to be always prepared and responsive, which can be stressful at times," Ivanna shared candidly. Furthermore, she emphasized the constant need to adapt and stay current with the rapidly evolving media landscape and consumer trends.

But for Ivanna, the rewards outweigh the challenges. "The most rewarding aspect of my job is the opportunity to shape and influence the narrative around our brand. It's amazing to be part of a process that creates a positive image and reputation for Jobsora," she shared, her passion for her work evident.

For those considering a career in PR, Ivanna has some sage advice. "Stay curious and proactive. Keep up with industry trends and news, build your network, and never stop learning. PR is a field that rewards creativity, strategic thinking, and strong communication skills. If you have a passion for storytelling and a drive to shape perceptions, you'll find PR to be a rewarding career."

She also underlined the importance of resilience in this profession. "There will be tough times when things don't go as planned. But these challenges are also learning opportunities that can help you grow and improve."

As a final piece of advice, Ivanna emphasized the power of relationships in PR. "Build strong relationships not just with the media, but also with influencers, clients, and even your colleagues. PR is as much about people as it is about narratives. These relationships can open up new opportunities and perspectives that can enrich your career."

For those inspired by Ivanna's journey and insights, the world of PR awaits. Explore exciting PR opportunities on Jobsora today and start shaping your own captivating narratives. Remember, every successful PR career begins with a single step, and that first step could very well be a PR job you discover on Jobsora.