Take part in CONFidence Legends and let’s make history together!

The event is over

CONFidence is a famous, international infosecurity conference that originated in 2005 in Poland. Each edition is a time full of emotions, sharing knowledge and meeting new people. They deliver practical, deep-dive technical knowledge for infosec specialists, developers, managers, bankers and governmental representatives.

On the occasion of the 20th edition of the event, CONFidence Legends 2021 is organized for FREE! The virtual meeting will take place on September 7 and 8. Want to see how they became a legend? During this edition, they promise to go back to the beginnings of the conference. You can already watch the best speeches from previous editions on their YouTube channel!

Time passes fast, but there is something that will never change - this is the highest level of CONFidence presentations! Why is it worth taking part in CONFidence Legends?


• current topics

• chat with other participants and speakers

• the latest job offers

• great speakers (Adam Haertle, Łukasz Bromirski, Adam Lange and more)

On a daily basis, it is you who take care of our online safety. To keep all of us safe also outside of it, they decided to avoid gathering a large group of people in one place. That is why this year's meeting will also be held ONLINE! This form of the event will allow us to connect with speakers, experts, companies, and security personnel from around the world. The same unforgettable atmosphere, new climate, safe environment, and most importantly: FREE ENTRY!

All you have to do is register! You can do it here: https://eventory.cc/event/confidence-legends

If you are looking for more information, you can check our website: https://confidence-conference.org/