Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an applicant

Job search

1. How will Jobsora help me to find a job?

Jobsora - is the website that has collected a huge number of vacancies from various sources from all over the country. It will save you a lot of time during the job searching. You can go to the source site of the vacancy and contact the employer, after reading the vacancy text. We are not a recruiting agency or employer, therefore, unfortunately, we cannot help you in selecting vacancies.

2. How much are the site services?

For the applicant, the services provided by the Jobsora website are free.

Newsletters and subscriptions for new vacancies

1. How to unsubscribe from the newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by several ways:

  • At the end of each letter there is a link “Subscription settings”, click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can delete, pause or change the distribution settings.
  • Log in to Jobsora by using your username and password. Go to the “My subscriptions” section and delete the newsletter to the wrong request.

2.How to subscribe to the newsletter?

Use the subscription block on the search results page.Or enter the website using your username and password, go to the “My subscriptions” section and add a subscription to new vacancies upon request.

3. I am subscribed, but nothing comes.

This situation is possible for several reasons:

  • Please check the Spam folder, if you find an email there, open it and add us to your contacts.
  • You have selected the wrong mailing options. Please go to the “My subscriptions” section and check the settings for the required subscriptions.
  • You have stopped receiving newsletters. To resume receiving newsletters, please open the Settings section in the user menu, then select “Subscription settings” and resume receiving newsletters.
  • There are no suitable vacancies for your request. In this case, you can try to change the request or create mailings for nearest towns, if this is acceptable for you.

4. I'm subscribed but not what I need comes to me.

Please check the requests for which the newsletter is formed. Go to the “My subscriptions” section, to check your subscriptions. You can change or delete the subscription, if necessary.

5. I choose a city, why do I get vacancies from other cities?

We also begin to select vacancies in nearest locations, if there are few vacancies in the specified location, while creating a subscription. It can be changed at the My subscriptions by changing the radius of the search.

Jobsora Account

1. I don't remember my password.

To reset your password, please click on the “Forgot password” link under the password field. Follow the instructions below to reset your password. Please check the Spam folder, If you have not received the email after a few minutes.

2. How to change account settings?

Please log in to the website using your account, to change your email or password. Open the Settings section in the user menu.

3. Can’t log in to my account

Please check the spelling of your login and password. Check if Caps Lock and input language are turned on. Click on the “Forgot password” link under the password field, if you checked everything, but still get the error “Wrong email or password”.

Error on the website or in the job description

1. I found a fraudulent vacancy

Our service is a search system, so, unfortunately, we can not always investigate fraudulent vacancies. If you found such a vacancy, please let us know. Be sure to include a link to the vacancy page in the message body. Therefore, you will help us to make a Jobsora better and fix the problem.

2. I found a mistake in the vacancy

Please inform us of the error found. Be sure to include a link to the vacancy page in the message body. Therefore, you will help us to make Jobsora better and fix the problem.

3. I found an error in the work of website Jobsora

Please inform us of the error found. Describe the error as detailed as possible in the body of the message. Take a screenshot and provide a link to the page where the error occurred / was found, if possible. Jobsora team thanks in advance to all the users who help to make Jobsora better!

I am a representative of the website,l interested in cooperation (B2B)

1. What is my benefit from working with Jobsora? What are the options for cooperation?

Cooperation with Jobsora will help you to increase the target audience of your website. You can learn more about the options for cooperation: register yourself or ask a question to the customer service manager in your region.

I have never used Jobsora services, how did you get my vacancies? Why do I need it?

Jobsora is a job search engine. Jobs come to our site in many ways. One of the ways is our search robot. It works like any other search engine, such as Google or Yandex. The only difference is that Jobsora search robot indexes only the vacancies on your site. Your company will receive the target audience on your website and the feedback of interested applicants. Eventually it will help you quickly close the vacancy.

In addition, we work with hundreds of job sites, so if you post a job on one of them, it will go to Jobsora.

3. I do not want an applicants to find my jobs with Jobsora. How can I delete vacancies from Jobsora?

If you do not want applicants to find your vacancies, prohibit indexing all or part of vacancies for User-agent: Jobsora Bot in robots.txt. You can also write to us at In the letter be sure to include a link to the vacancy and the representative of which company you are.

4. My vacancy is already closed, but it remained at Jobsora. How to fix it?

Jobsora is a job search engine. We get vacancies from open sources. You need to close or delete it from your website and from employment website, where it was published earlier, in order for your vacancy to be deleted fom Jobsora . If you have already deleted a vacancy on the website, but it is still on Jobsora, please let us know. In the letter be sure to include a link to the closed vacancy and the representative of which website you are.

5. How can I change my vacancy on Jobsora?

You need to edit vacancy on your website and / or on the employment website where you published it earlier, in order to change vacancies at Jobsora. After that, a new description will appear on the Jobsora website shortly.

I am an employer, interested in job posting

1. How to post a job on Jobsora?

Jobsora is a job aggregator. Unfortunately, at the moment we do not provide direct job posting services. If you have a website where you post vacancies, let us know..